How it works

Sign up for Grocery Freedom.

  • Choose Big Freedom (weekly delivery), Mini Freedom (weekly delivery), or Single Delivery (see Pricing options)

  • Find a delivery day that works for you (see what's available on the Calendar)

  • Pay the delivery fee through PayPal (your grocery bill is separate)

  • Fill out the customer information form you receive after checkout (we need to get your delivery address, contact preferences, etc.)

Write and share your grocery list.

  • Send your list to Grocery Freedom by email (see Contact us)

  • Send your list by 7:00 pm the day before delivery

  • You can send changes, if necessary



If you need help planning a week's worth of groceries, try using a menu service for ideas (see Meal planning for a list of online services).

For checklists to jog your memory, see Writing your grocery list.

Receive and pay for your groceries.

  • We'll shop for your groceries, at more than one store if needed (see Shopping details)

  • Before delivery, you'll receive an invoice for your groceries and digital copies of your grocery receipts

  • You can pay for your groceries before or at the time of delivery (see Payment options)

  • Your groceries will be delivered at the scheduled time and location (see Delivery details)